Advantix Solutions Group (Acquired TeraNova)


Selling Advantix

Selling Advantix

Advantix End-to-End Communications Lifecycle Management

We recognize that every industry we serve is unique, with its own individual telecommunications needs. We have experience in a wide variety of sectors and industries, including healthcare, education, government, finance, restaurant, hospitality, retail, distribution, and logistics among many more. Advantix believes that in order to create value for customers and develop effective individualized solutions, we must maintain an in-depth knowledge of individual industry business processes, operating parameters, their profit formulas and their customers.

Advantix brings together both fixed and mobile lifecycle management for a holistic approach on one platform to manage today’s communications environments. We manage contracts, orders, costs, invoices, devices, inventory and assets, in addition to auditing and optimization. 

Avantix is great for partners:

  • If you provide telecom audit services and would like to add on a recurring managed service
  • If you sell telecom solutions and would like to offer benchmarking and contract services
  • For MMS providers who want to also sell TEM
  • For MDM providers who want to offer full Communications Lifecycle Management
  • For IT Service providers who want to offer expense management services

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